PASO – Professional Service Software in the Cloud

PASO is a world class Cloud enabled software application and is today’s essential tool for the efficient management and administration of professional service organizations.

Offering enterprise level capabilities, PASO is a multi-language and multi-currency business tool. It provides for optimal time and expenses capture, billing and CRM methodologies.

Designed and architected using the latest Cloud technology, PASO may be installed in a Private Cloud Environment (within a large organization), a Public Cloud environment (Microsoft Azure), or Hybrid Cloud environment.

PASO through cloud based computing offers huge benefits, 24/7 availability and cost savings especially for smaller organizations.

PASO is an excellent product from both business and technical perspectives. It offers a business a richness of features, and has the necessary depth of functionality requisite for Top-10 professional service organizations world-wide.

PASO is proven internationally to fulfill the specialized requirements of large organizations but is flexible to be configured to suit smaller firms.

PASO comprehensively caters for both large and smaller organizations.

Besides the essentials required by any professional service organization that sells time, PASO offers advanced valuing and billing methods.

Extensive and detailed analysis is provided for time, work in progress, staff utilisation, productivity, fees billing, debtors and profitability.

Connectivity with third party products such as Payroll, Human Resources and General Ledger applications is offered via API interfaces.

PASO has advanced CRM facilities, which may be used for direct and targeted mail outs and marketing via the in-built Campaign Manager.

Extensive analysis and reporting is available via PASO supplied standard reports, OLAP cubes or custom designed data marts.

The system is fully configurable, intuitive, simple to use and supported by fully trained staff.

PASO offers a complete and advanced solution for professional service organizations. We invite you to review our web site, and please contact us for further information on the power of PASO.

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Thursday, November 6th, 2014

The latest version of Mobile Time App (Android) is now available.
This new App provides comprehensive time recording with flexibility. It is fast and easy to use.
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Comprehensive and flexible business software for professional service organisations